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Fanfiction - Adorable - Pairing Subjective

So, the first fanfiction post to this community. The pairing is, as stated, subjective. To your imagination that is *wink*.

Title - Adorable
Ratings - G
Warning - Unbeta-ed fic
Summary - Ruki's take on his new scary (right) image.
Comments - Has anyone else seen Ruki's Hyena image? *gigglesnort*

Notes: The first part is Ruki's POV.

By Trisianna




Nothing is scarier than a mafia. With this new look, I’m sure to shake that damn cute image off my tail. Metaphorically speaking, of course. Having a real tail is a major no-no in the chibi guidebook.

Not that I’m a chibi.



“These looks absolutely intimidating, wouldn’t you say so?” Ruki smiled in satisfaction as he glanced at the photographer’s computer screen with gleaming eyes.

There, staring right back at him was… Himself. Dressed in the new Hyena costume.

Shades, suits and a pimp cane.

Oh yeah.

It’ll definitely free him from the annoying ‘chibi’ image.

Whoever started the whole chibi thing is seriously out of hobby. So are all those who supported it actually.
(A/N: Guilty.)

Ruki was so absorbed in his thoughts that it took him a few moments before realizing the awkward silence around him. He narrowed his eyes at his band mates.

“I asked a question,” he stated, the tone of his voice sounding a little too immature for his liking.

“Er… Intimidating. Sure,” Aoi replied, not sounding very sure of himself.

“You look…” Uruha started, unconsciously squinting his eyes as he rack his brain for the appropriate word, “cutely formidable.”

“Cute- Cutely formidable?” Ruki choked.

“No! He meant you look formidably cute,” Kai quickly jumped in, only to be subjected to an amusing pout of doom, “I mean, scary. You look... Scary.”

Ruki’s expression took a 180 degree turn as his face lit up in a childish triumphant smile, “humph! Thought so.”

The short vocalist practically skipped his way into the changing room, all the while humming a victory tune.

“Couldn’t you have at least pretended to think he’s scary?” Raita drawled, eyeing the offending Uruha.

Uruha shrugged, “can’t help it. He just look so… Adorable.”


The End.

Hope I did well for something I did when I'm supposed to be doing something else entirely.

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