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ChiBoutique's GRAND OPENING!


After amusing ourselves with the number of 'chibi(s) rolling down the hill' (points to the reply/comment thingie), we've finally managed to stop giggling and come up with a decent layout.

My friends, welcome to the Chibi Academy! (Yaoi Chibi)
(Please, look into our profile.)

ChiBoutique or Chibi Boutique is a paradise for chibi(s). We welcome fanfictions, fanarts, perverted chibi-fantasies, graphics, etc! We'll be your one-stop megamart for all your chibi needs!

Well, having said all that, please join us! We need you as a C.P.A (Chibi-Protectors Army). Imagine all those cute little chibi(s) being forgotten. Together, my fellow chibi-stalkers... er 'enthusiast', we can prevent that!

A little contribution...


This was actually done for the other two mods. Hope (they better) they like it. Sorry for my lack of CG skills. *bows*

[EDIT] Would somebody PLEASE make the chibi(s) roll down the hill...

Please don't forget to introduce yourself, yeah?

So once again, welcome and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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