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Chibi Boutique
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Welcome! To Chibi Boutique, a place where chibi(s) unite. Spread the chibi love.



1) No bashing. Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions. If you dislike something, kindly point out the flaw to the poster. Please don't debate on something based on the fact that 'I like this pairing, etc'.

2) No spamming. Self-explanatory.

3) Please don't type like someone from Mars. Please be considerate. Some of the members may not be native English-speakers; they may not be familiar with certain English 'lingo'.

4) Everything must be chibi-related. Duh.

5) Please use tags. For easy search.

6) LJ-cut large contents. Again, self-explanatory.

7) Try not to lurk. Even if it's just a 'Hi, I'm blah blah blah...' We need to know you're alive.



1) Fanfictions (please rate, eg. PG-13, etc. and warn, eg. death, BDSM, etc. accordingly)

2) Fanarts

3) Graphics (Icons, banners, layouts, etc.)

4) 'Imagination' (a.k.a, your deepest, darkest chibi fantasy)

5) Photos (any chibi figurines, anyone?)

6) Introductory post (you can include a couple of things about yourself, and don't forget your OTCP - One True Chibi Pairing)



We're not control-freaks, honest XD. We just need proper headings.

Classification (fanfiction, etc) - Title - Pairing (if applicable)

Please don't forget to include the 'Title', 'pairing', 'rating', 'warning', 'summary (optional)', 'comments (optional)' in the body.



Please contact either of the mods if you wish affiliate. ^-^